Champlain Elementary School Home Page

Mission Statement
"Our mission is to provide opportunities for students to achieve their personal best, become responsible and productive citizens and embrace lifelong learning!"

The Champlain Elementary School community is a rich tapestry reflecting the wide variety of families who comprise it.  Our population of learners is made up of wonderful students, an expert and dedicated staff of compassionate professionals, and active and supportive families. We vary broadly by race, class, nationality, and orientation. Our families are single-headed households, grand-parented households, foster, two parent, straight, and gay. Some families have come from other areas of the world, such as Asia, Africa, and the Middle-East, some have come from other states, and others have been in Vermont for generations. While there are important and significant differences among us, we are alike in many ways. The most important commonality we share is a deep desire for our students to have the best learning experience possible, feel valued and respected, and become caring, contributing members of society.

At Champlain, we provide stimulating and challenging educational opportunities throughout the school year.  We work closely as families and staff to help each child grow and experience success academically, socially, emotionally and physically. We believe in an inclusive community where we work together to create a robust a school in which we respect and have high expectations of each other. We believe in creating a school environment where everyone wants to be. We strive to offer a variety of activities within a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

We invite you to work with us as we ensure all children, at every ability level, are valued, respected, and included. Please share your ideas about how to fulfill our mission and make our school a better place for all of us to learn. We believe that when school and families collaborate, children are much more likely to reach their full potential. Please join us in the education of your student(s).