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Burlington School District Interim Superintendent Position

The Burlington School District has an immediate opening for an Interim Superintendent to lead our school system of over 3,500 students. It is anticipated that this opportunity will last eight months or until a permanent superintendent appointment is made.

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CCTA Update

Please click here for information intended for families who have a student riding CCTA to or from school to review changes around riding CCTA buses. Our goal is to ensure that we are providing busing for students per School Board Policy and School Board budget decisions.
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News and Announcements
October 28, 2014
Dear Families,

As a faculty, once a month during our staff meetings we engage in conversations around Diversity, Equity, and Race. The Burlington School District is committed to closing gaps in student outcomes based on racial, ethnic, English language proficiency, or socioeconomic status. This monthly staff training is intended to help us in our journey towards a diverse and culturally competent school community that meets the needs of all students. As we grow as culturally competent educators, the hope is that our classroom practice will reflect our growth and allow us to more effectively support our diverse student population. We thought you might find it interesting that our last conversation was around the importance of names. We learned that names are very personal and cultural, and often carry a great deal of meaning for families. A writing activity we have participated in at Champlain is called the Heritage Poem. This is an opportunity for students to share their culture while exploring similarities and differences within a classroom. This goes beyond just a person’s name and describes more of their background. This can be done as a family at home as well so we’ve included it here in our newsletter in case you’d like to create this with your child. We hope it allows you to share some quality quiet time together perhaps during a rainy afternoon or weekend. Here’s the template for your use at home:

Heritage Poem
I am from (parents’ full names)
I am from (description of a place)
From (food you eat often)
And the smell of (something you smell at home)
I am from (something sensory about your home) and (a detail about your favorite season)
From (a product) and (another product)
I am from (song)
And the sound of (something you hear often)
I am from (attributes that describe your parents)
From (a saying that you hear often)
And the (a tradition) of (a holiday you celebrate)
I am from (country/ies of origin)
From (something fun you love to do)
I am from (nicknames at home)
From (a rule or something your family feels is important)
And (something you think is beautiful)
I am from (something silly you do)
I am (your full name)

If you have time to end your week at Champlain we’d love to see you for our school wide assembly on Friday, October 31st beginning at 1:55 p.m. Annie Rowell, Director of Burlington Kids Afterschool program will share, Lights on Afterschool to highlight some of the afterschool courses taking place at Champlain. Annie has invited "student ambassadors" to share their favorite programs in afterschool. Additionally, community partners will conduct short demonstrations of their classes. Enjoy the week!

Sincerely, Leslie
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