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October 14, 2014
Dear Families,
This week is a short week for students as we have parent conferences beginning Wednesday at noon. We hope all of you will attend parent conferences and it’s still not too late to call Heather at 864-8477 if you need to sign up. Having attended curriculum evening you may have noticed that in your child’s daily schedule for students in grades 1-5 we have added a “Reading Boost” and a “Math Boost” time. It’s a huge task for teachers to differentiate learning all throughout the day and our teachers are constantly thinking about meeting the unique needs of all of their students. These two blocks of time are dedicated to specifically providing extra help for students needing more practice and extensions/enrichment for students needing challenges. As a faculty we have reflected on these opportunities and have noticed the following:

• Increased communication and collaboration between classroom teachers and support staff
which helps in figuring out what students need
• Students enjoying the extra reading and mathematics time because it is so differentiated to
their unique needs
• Early positive academic growth for students
• Teachers meeting with students in small groups getting to know their learners faster
• An increase in student confidence and self esteem

Your partnership at home helps your children grow as learners as well. Since we will have a few days off from the regular school day schedule here are some ideas you might consider using at home:

Read for pleasure-When children see parents reading they realize that reading is a lifelong habit! Read side by side enjoying your own books, or listen to your child reading, or read aloud to your child. When reading aloud, choose a book that is at a higher reading level than your child’s so that you will expose them to rich vocabulary and story content. Talking about the story helps build their comprehension.

Cook together- There’s plenty of reading in recipes and math as well. Work together to figure out the various measurements and the steps needed to make that delicious recipe! Then enjoy the tastiness together.

Make the most of car rides- You can read signs, license plates, and store fronts together or play fun math facts games as you go from one place to another! Additionally, this is a special time to build listening and speaking skills. Sometimes our lives are so busy and being “trapped” in a car can give us that much needed family talk time.

Create grocery lists- Have your child help choose what to buy, decide how much you need, check your supplies to see what you already have, write or draw pictures on the list, and sort coupons. You could add a math challenge by having your child calculate or estimate the amount of money you are spending!

Enjoy a family game night- Play board games or card games together and reinforce skills such as counting, reading, thinking, and drawing. Additionally, you’ll get practice in turn taking and conversing too!

We are sure your time together will go by all too quickly so make the most of it by sharing some special moments! Enjoy this extended time in these next few days as a family.

Sincerely, Leslie

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